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Promotion Program

Affiliate program 

How to make money through our affiliate program 

if you have a lot of fans on social network such as tiktok ,facebook(reels),instagram ,youtube(shorts) or pinterest .
you make videos or posts about our mold(mainly about how fun it is to grow them or just show the nice shaped pumpkin pics) and put your affiliate link on your top comment or in the post ,people who are interested in the mold will click and buy through your link ,then you will get commission from each sales,it is a very easy process and the earnings sometime out of your imagination .

Register the affiliate on to get an affiliate link.


Got the free mold

We have a plan . if you share the process of growing and opening of the fully shaped mold (videos or pictures) on more than 3 social platforms such as facebook ,tiktok ,instragram, youtube ,twitter and mention our website address ( , then we will give you a refund for your order (less than USD100) . but you need to send us the link of your shared video or pictures through email (our email address is …..

Contact us if you have any question, thanks .