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     Want to earn money by sharing your videos?

Growing Frankenstein and Skull shaped pumpkin is a very interesting thing , the social network love such rare things , sometime a simply video will bring million views and Hundreds of thousands of followers to your account and this is also the best way to sell these shaped pumpkin if you like to run this business , people love to have these special pumpkins (or shaped fruit) when they see it .

So If you have many followers on social networks account such as tiktok, facebook, instagram and youtube. you can make video posts about our mold (mainly about the growing process and how fun it is or just show the nice shaped pumpkin pics) and put your affiliate link on your top comment or on your bio info ,people who are interested in the mold will click and make purchase through your link ,then you will get commission from each sale, it is a very easy process and the earnings sometimes out of your imagination .

Register the affiliate on to get an affiliate link.

                                                      Or Join in

 Amazon Influencers Program

If you are running the business of pumpkin or vegetable farm, You could register an account as a Amazon Influencers through below link : (Search”Frankenstein pumpkin mold ” on amazon and add it to your page).

You get a link and share it on your video post (comment)or your bio profile, then you will get commission for every successful purchase made through your link . Quite easy .