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How to get the shaped square watermelon out of the mold

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We have developed 20cm square watermelon mold in 2017 and it is a brand new design which is better use and fasten with bolts and nuts and much thicker than any mold made before which will end up with a better square shaped watermelon ,because stronger mold can make the best shapes of square watermelon .

It is very easy to use , just place the baby watermelon in the middle of the mold when the watermelon is slightly smaller than the mold, just as the below pictures showing:

Keep it still during the whole growing process till it is fully shaped inside . but there is another problem for most of whom has tried it before(especially for these who has tried it at the first time) , it is really hard to remove the mold from the shaped watermelon ,imagine how big the pressure that the watermelon give to the mold which enable to shape it into a square ,it is not hard to understand why it is so difficult to take off the mold , but there is one way that we have figured it out that may solve this problem , just a little work to do before you putting the mold on the watermelon ,all you need is double sided sticky tape like and transparent self sealing bag like below :


The theory is the 2 side of the bag is very smooth to each other ,so if we put the bag to the inside of the mold wall ,then it will be much easier to separate the watermelon from the mold wall (there is tons of strength of Friction between the melon skin and mold wall which make it very difficult to remove from each other ) .like the below ,put some sticker on each of  the 4 mold walls and stick the bag which has properly cut sized :

So you will get finally finished mold like below :

We have made the test for this method and it did not save us a lot of time and easy process ,also there is another important thing is when you trying to loose the mold , you should use the screwdriver to loose the both side of the mold together or at the same time ,and never loose only one side firstly ,because it will be very difficult to loose another side if loose do this ,we will have video to show the whole process of loosing the mold soon .we like to share with our clients whoever want to try this mold.    Made by

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