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the best star and heart cucumber mold on testing in 2016

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the new type star and heart cucumber mold has made this summer , the new type is longer to 25 cm length ,4 cm width , big enough to fit most of the cucumber type in the world . the longer size can make longer star and heart shapes which can make more profits if you grow them not just for fun but for business , it can also be cut from middle , to make it only 12 cm longer which can be used on tomato ,lemon and many other short size fruits or vegetables .

We have tested the mold in the summer of 2016 ,now we are sharing the process as below :

1. The mold has star and heart shapes ,they are holding together by a plastic stick which can be insert or pull out easily , and the stick is kind soft and hard enough to recover from last use ,so it can be used for many times , so we just to find proper size cucumber which is smaller than the mold and hang the mold on the cucumber branch with rubber band . 

 star and heart cucumber mold growing step 1

star and heart cucumber molds growing step 1

2. I got nothing to do but waited for 7 days , it become what it looks like as below , the different cucumber has different growing time , but mostly it takes about 7-12 days to get fully shapes .

 star and heart cucumber mold step 2

 heart cucumber mold growing step 2


3. After complete shapes , it is time to get them harvested , move the molds off from the cucumber ,then you will get the star and heart shape cucumber , my cucumber is typically one in China , but not the best one for the mold , since the cucumber shapes is not that perfectly round size in width , but there are much better cucumber type around me , so choose a good type cucumber is also very important . the below is what i got finally , about 60% length has the perfect star and heart shapes , although the rest does not look bad at all .

 shaped star cucumber

formed heart shape cucumber

star shape cucumber

4. Meanwhile we cut the mold from the middle of the mold to make it half size which is about 12 cm length ,so it can be used on some short fruit or vegetable such as tomato or eggplant , we have also made some test on it :

star and heart mold for tomato

star and heart mold for eggplant

5. this is what we got finally : 

 heart shape tomato

star shape tomatoformed heart shape eggplant


The star and heart shape plastic mold is made of PC material , it is total safe to use on fruit or vegetables on the normal condition , so you do not worry about the safety . and PC is the best material we found so far for shaping works . you can also check on for other different shape mold for fun or new business . 

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