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how to shoot fish with slingshot packge

slingshot fishing tool

Slingshot fishing is a new raised fishing sport in China , more and more young people join in the fun group . we all have good memory about slingshot , with it we can do hunting such as birds , small animal , but thanks for the special made arrow ,for the first time we can use it for fishing , not only as a tool to get fish , but it is also great tool for fun and interests sport that can be convenience operate by individual . let us see what is made of the package :

1. slingshot , it is the most important part for the package , it is the power source . i guess most of young man has the memory or love to the slingshot , so supply the very base to use the tool , here we recommend the below type slingshot , which more powerful and better experience to use .

2. Arrows , the most special one is the arrow , alloy material made , which is just right weigh, not too heavy,not too light , has been selected from few other material . it has the hangnail which insure the fish will not be able go way after hit . and the head of arrow can be screw off so you can easily take off the fish . 



3. Bands and leather . which is also special made for the singfisher , the bands is normal more than 3060 type , and the leather is really tough for thousands time shoot . 


4. Fish reel and line . it is made of normal fishing reel with tough line , the reel need to be very smooth to line out . the attached line can drag 20 kg fish tested , if you want to shoot bigger fish , you can buy some better line at local fishing shop . 

5. Wrist band. special made one so you can hang the fish reel very convenient .


6. Polariscope glasses . for most people know what it do with Polariscope glasses ,with it you can see the better view on the surface of the water . it is necessary tool for fishing .





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