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3 steps to grow a perfect heart shaped watermelon with improved heart mold

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Heart shaped watermelon now become more and more popular gift around the world , especially among the young people ,to eat someone’s heart is the best expression for love . but how to make a heart watermelon with the best heart shaped watermelon mold , let us talk about it today .

Growing a heart watermelon, you need to have some proper tool to get the watermelon shaped , has new developed heart shape watermelon mold , which is a improved version for the old type ,it is better to connect , stronger and harder with the nice heart shapes ,the mold is made of PC plastic which is a hard and eco-friendly to watermelon ,so you don’t worry about the material .

The first step is to put the baby watermelon on the mid place of the heart shape watermelon mold , when the watermelon is about 10 cm diameter size , connect it with the big size bolts and nuts like below :

The mold will be really hot inside , you will see a lot of moisture , but don’t worry ,it will be fine just leave it . it will not damage the watermelon . so now you need to wait about 10 days to grow bigger until it is fully filled the mold :

In the second stage . you shall carefully observe it and especially the corner and edge of the mold ,if the watermelon is too big size ,then you should be ready to pick it up and stop the growing .

The heart watermelon mold is very easy to remove the mold ,it only take few mins to get the job done , and you can see the perfect shapes has come out . some more nice pictures as below :

Our heart watermelon mold has improved on many sides , which make the successful rate reach to 100% , means if you try one you will get one perfect mold , has improved a lot than the old type , save your time and increase more successful rate , remember it is first made by , hope you enjoy it and if you want to get it online , please go to .

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