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Large Frankenstein pumpkin mold front side only


Large Frankenstein face pumpkin mold is specially designed for shaping pumpkins into big Frankenstein face shape ,it is extremely welcomed figures on the Halloween days . to shape a only Frankenstein face pumpkins , you need to put the mold under the baby pumpkins and waiting patiently to let it grow bigger on the mold , when the pumpkins grow big , then take it off , you will get the finally amazing big Frankenstein face shaped pumpkins .

About this item

  • The mold only has the front part of frankenstein shape pumpkin mold ,no back side ,and the size is (25cmx18cmx11cm) 10"x7"x4.3" .
  • The mold are made of polycarbonate which is very durble material ,very good quality which can be used for many times and many years .
  • Don't need screws to close the mold . just put the mold under the pumpkin .
  • You need to choose the pumpkin variety which is much bigger than the mold .
  • The mold is clear color ,so it will not effect the quality of the pumpkin .

How to use them

Just place the mold under the pumkin like below :

Note :
The price is for one piece and included the shipping which usually takes about 20-30 days after order placed (sometime it could takes a bit longer due to the uncontrolable cause ) .

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