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Heart apple mold with "love" (5 molds free shipping)


Heart shape apple mold is made of Polycarbonate material which is strong enough to shape apple or pears into the heart shapes. it can also use to shape orange ,sweet melon , lemon and other similar size fruit .

Size: 8cm x 8cm x 6cm

Material :  Polycarbonate

We not only supply you with the molds , but also teach you how to grow them successfully ,there are quite many experience worth to share .


The delivery time takes about 10-15 days after purchased (sometime a bit delay by some casues). if you require better and faster shipping such as DHL or Fedex .please contact seller. 

heart shaped orange

heart shape orange


Notice : the old version of heart apple mold is used screws to connect which is kind of difficult to use , but we are now all sending the new heart apple mold which with a fast locking pin ,this will make it much easier for massive use on the field .


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