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Star and heart cucumber mold set for sale (2 of each star and heart mold free shipping)


Star and heart cucumber mold set is newly designed and made for growing or shaping cucumber into star and heart shapes , it is 25cm length and 4cm width which fit for most of the cucumber type . 

Size:  25cm x 4cm x 4cm (10"x1.5"x1.5")

Material : Polycarbonate

How to use it :

1. Put the baby cucumber molds when it is still small enough .

2. When the cucumber grow big enough and fill all the molds ,then open the molds ,you will get the best shapes of star and heart cucumber .

We not only supply you with the molds , but also teach you how to grow them successfully ,there are quite many experience worth to share .

the below pictures will show you how :

star and heart cucumber mold growing before

star shape cucumber mold growing before

7 days later :


heart cucumber mold shaping

star cucumber mold on shaping

Cut from the middle . 



Close look :

heart cucumebr  shaped on the molds

Shipping : 

The delivery time takes about 10-15 days after purchased (sometime a bit delay by some casues and some country such as Australia may takes 1-3 months arrives depends on the situation) if you require better and faster shipping such as DHL or Fedex .please contact seller. 

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